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Due Diligence is an analysis of Non-Government Organizations which donor usually do before consider for a grant. It is regarded as a standard of vigilance, attentiveness, and care often exercised in various professional and societal settings. It is part of the appraisal process that decides whether a project proposal from an NGO should be financially supported or not.

The term ‘Due Diligence’ has its origin in the corporate sector, where it refers to critically analyzing information prior to making business decisions in areas such as product purchases/sales or investment.

Why Due Diligence matters

In the Social sector, ‘Due Diligence’ refers to the assessment of potential charities/grantees before funding or committing to any financial support. The primary reason for undertaking due diligence in the social sector is because of the increase in cases of NGO related fraud, corruption, money laundering, and abuse by terror groups. This has made the donors more vigilant while identifying potential charities/grantees for a grant or funding.

International and National donors these days, are adopting standard due diligence frameworks to reduce the risk associated with Non-Profit Organization transactions. It also confirms whether the Organization is good and reliable partner or not.

Trust Cradle’s Initiative

‘Trust Cradle’ on behalf of Donor/Corporate/UN agencies will assure and make analysis on the basis of their requirement to choose an NGO for the grant/fund. Our mechanism covers all aspect in a layered format to assess an NGO to meet the grant specification. Hence, it is essential part of our service that both the donor agencies and NGO trustees perform a reasonable amount of due diligence before giving or receiving funds.

Our organization perform ‘Due Diligence’ to ensure that those we partner with are operating legally, have financial integrity, align to their core values and are having a positive impact in the communities they work in. Our Due Diligence framework also serve as a powerful risk management tool that encompasses activities undertaken to assist the Donor of the program/intervention in obtaining assurance of a potential delivery partner’s capacity and capability to deliver. In the grant making context, we primarily address the assessment- scenario, based upon (1) Legal and Governance control, (2) Financial Stability, (3) Operational Strength and (4) Strategy and Results.

Our Assessment Standards

Our Mechanism flow chart

Research & Review

  • Research and review of available information about the NGO.
  • Go through website, and other available information on public domain.


  • Specify the grant requirements.
  • Collect necessary information in reference to financial, operational, legal documents.


  • Detailed analysis of documents submitted by NGO
  • Identifying risks and red flags.


  • Prepare report with all finding.
  • Highlight the red flags and risks.

Benefits from Due Diligence

Our Due diligence & Partnerships initiative as an intermediary entity have an impartial and robust assessment of NGOs' credentials, capacity & track record. This will enable the donors to identify, select and maintain continued association with credible & competent NGO partners ensuring maximum impact of the funds raised for a cause.