USAID: MOMENTUM (Moving Integrated, Quality Maternal, Newborn, and Child Health and Family Planning

The U.S. Agency for International Development’s Office of Maternal and Child Health and Nutrition (MCHN) and Office of Population and Reproductive Health (PRH) are pleased to announce the Moving Integrated, Quality Maternal, Newborn, and Child Health, Family Planning and Reproductive Health (MNCH/FP/RH) Services to Scale (MOMENTUM) Annual Program Statement (APS).

MOMENTUM seeks to accelerate reductions in maternal, newborn, and child mortality and morbidity in high-burden, USAID-supported countries by increasing the capacity of host country institutions and local organizations to introduce, deliver, scale up, and sustain the use of evidence-based, quality maternal, newborn, and child health (MNCH), voluntary family planning (FP) and reproductive health (RH) services.

MOMENTUM is designed to build upon existing evidence and best practices, as well as to catalyze new ideas, partnerships, and approaches.


The goal of this APS is to contribute to the Agency’s priority of preventing maternal and child deaths, by assisting USAID-supported FP and MCH priority countries in meeting global goals in maternal, newborn, and child health and voluntary family planning by 2030. Further, activities under this APS will help the Agency advance countries toward increased self-reliance.


The purpose of this APS is to accelerate reductions in maternal, newborn, and child mortality and morbidity by increasing the capacity of host-country institutions and local organizations to introduce, deliver, scale-up, and sustain the use of evidence-based, quality MNCH, voluntary family planning and reproductive health services.

Expected Results

Collectively, Rounds under this APS will seek to meet this purpose through achievement of four results and fifteen intermediate results, as described below. Each Round will address one or more of the four MOMENTUM APS results through a myriad of modalities.

  1. Result 1: Access to and use of evidence-based, quality MNCH/FP/RH information, services, and interventions scaled-up and sustained. MOMENTUM will improve the health status of women and children by increasing effective coverage of evidence-based and culturally acceptable interventions and services that address their health needs. This will be achieved through the following intermediate results:
    • Improved service readiness to provide quality MNCH/FP/RH interventions in public and private sectors, including emergency care.
    • Improved MNCH/FP/RH practices at the individual, family, and community level.
    • Increased demand for and utilization of quality MNCH/FP/RH interventions and care by individuals, families, and communities.
  2. Result 2: Capacity of host-country institutions, local organizations, and providers to deliver evidence-based, quality MNCH/FP/RH services improved, institutionalized, measured, documented, and responsive to population needs. MOMENTUM will help institutionalize evidence-based, quality interventions and innovative solutions within sub-awardees and a broad range of host-country institutions and local organizations, and measure and document local organizations’ strengthened capacity and progress toward self-reliance. Intermediate results include the following:
    • Increased effectiveness of country institutions and systems to sustainably plan and manage quality MNCH/FP/RH services, including anticipating and responding to crises, as well as long-term demographic and epidemiologic transitions.
    • Enhanced capacity of country governing bodies to align MNCH/FP/RH policies and guidelines with international standards and evidence-based, innovative, and promising practices.
    • Strengthened engagement with civil society, local institutions, community-based and faith-based organizations to narrow MNCH/FP/RH equity gaps,improve quality of care, and hold health systems accountable.
  3. Result 3: Adaptive learning and use of evidence in MNCH/FP/RH programming through sustained USAID and host country technical leadership increased. MOMENTUM will also utilize USAID’s catalytic, global leadership role to advance MNCH/FP/RH. This will be achieved through the following:
    • Increased appropriate and timely availability and use of health information system data for decision making in MNCH/FP/RH policy and programs at global, regional, and sub-national country levels.
    • Increased knowledge generation, translation, and management strategies adopted to support best practices in MNCH/FP/RH policies and programs at the global, regional, and sub-national country levels.
    • Testing and adoption of innovative practices to improve MNCH/FP/RH outcomes.
    • USAID’s catalytic global technical leadership in MNCH/FP/RH supported and sustained.
  4. Result 4: Cross-sectoral collaboration and innovative partnerships between MNCH/FP/RH and non-MNCH/FP/RH organizations increased. MOMENTUM will advance a holistic, multi-sectoral approach to meet the health needs of women and children across the MNCH/FP/RH continuum, exploring strategies to support cross-sectoral linkages and priorities where possible with both traditional and non-traditional organizations.
    • International and national public-private partnerships increased.
    • Health partnerships with educational institutions expanded.
    • Health partnerships with corporate and philanthropic organizations increased.
    • Health and non-health organization partnerships expanded.

Cross-cutting Programmatic

Principles and Approaches Under each Round, applicants are requested to incorporate fundamental cross-cutting principles underlying each of the expected results above. These principles are:

  • promoting dignity, respect, and equity in healthcare services;
  • fostering gender equality by increasing use of approaches designed to empower vulnerable populations including women, and couples, and engage men more fully in MNCH/FP/RH;
  • building and bolstering the resilience74 of populations and communities, thereby encouraging sustainability, and leveraging the work of other US government agencies and donors;
  • addressing the role of social norms, both as barriers and contributors to achieving health and development outcomes;
  • improving the quality of care provided across the continuum from household to facility;
  • promoting client-centered care by listening to and engaging individuals, families, and communities;
  • implementing evidence-based approaches and interventions;
  • fostering iterative, continuous learning and adaptive management;
  • coordinating monitoring and evaluation efforts across MOMENTUM awards to effectively monitor collective results and impact; and
  • partnering with a range of health and non-health actors.

Funding Information

The Award Ceiling of this APS is $500,000,000.

Eligibility Criteria

  • U.S. and non-U.S. public, private, for-profit, and nonprofit organizations, as well as institutions of higher education, public international organizations, and non-governmental organizations, are eligible to submit a concept paper under each Round(s) of the APS. Further, the organization must be a legally-recognized, organizational entity under applicable law, legally registered in a country within the geographic code 937 (“the United States, the recipient country, and developing countries other than advanced developing countries, but excluding any country that is a prohibited source,” per ADS 310.3.1.1).
  • Each recipient must be a responsible entity. The AO may determine a Pre-Award survey is required and if so, would establish a formal survey team to conduct an examination that will determine whether the prospective recipient has the necessary organization, experience, accounting and operational controls, and technical skills – or ability to obtain them – in order to achieve the objectives of the program.
  • Organizations in developing countries are strongly encouraged to apply, in as much as they will support not only the objectives of this APS and the Round(s) they are applying to, but also USAID’s objectives to build the capacities in local organizations that are needed for sustainable development. USAID strongly encourages applications from potential new partners who meet the eligibility requirements and are willing to be subjected to a Pre-Award Survey.
  • Concept papers from organizations that do not meet the above eligibility criteria will not be reviewed and evaluated. Individuals are not eligible to apply for any Rounds of this APS.
  • While for-profit firms may participate, pursuant to 2 CFR 200.400(g) it is USAID’s policy not to award profit to prime recipients and sub-recipients under assistance instruments. However, while profit is not allowed for sub-awards, the prohibition does not apply when the recipient acquires goods and services in accordance with 2 CFR 200.317 -326, “Procurement Standards.” This is discussed more specifically in ADS 303sai “Profit Under USAID Assistance Instruments”.
  • Program income may be generated under awards resulting from this APS. Program income for all award(s) resulting from Rounds under this APS may be used for cost-sharing or matching in accordance with 2 CFR 200.307(e) for US NGOs and the Required as Applicable Provision “Program Income” (December 2014) in ADS 303 for non-US NGOs. If the program income is to be utilized in a different way, the Round document will include this information.
  • If an organization does not submit a successful concept paper and is not invited to attend the cocreation workshop/submit a full application in a specific Round, which organization may still submit another concept paper in a future Round(s), if one occurs. Evaluation criteria will be revised to the specifics of the Round; another submission in another Round does not guarantee a successful concept paper and invitation to attend the co-creation workshop/submit a full application.

How to Apply

Interested applicants must register themselves in SAM (System for Award Management).

For more information, please visit


Important Dates

Post Date - 07 Nov 2020

Deadline Date - 30 Sep 2025

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